I almost had a serious problem...

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I almost had a serious problem...

... (much, much TLDR)... then I made a full reset... sorry, Reset, of my G9 and gone it was. Which leaves me with an empty feeling since I have no idea of what happened.

This will not be the most concise Ode to Reset ever but, hopefully, it should prove interesting to some of you. Of course someone else is bound to find nothing but deception into that promise by the end. You've been warned.

(Still TLDR, here's a paragraph where my purpose wanders a bit that you could skip, if great, informative prose is nothing to you that is.)

I am a lover of back button focusing (aka BBF). We even already had children together. I sold my soul to the idea of not having to refocus all the time whenever it is not necessary, to the opposite of what a half-press on the shutter button imposes all too often. There are several variants of BBF on the G9 (they are like my little family). There's even what I'd call "Dual BBF" since firmware 2.X. For that I set AF-ON near to the left arrow and AF-ON far to the right arrow and shutter AF to OFF. Do that and set AF+MF to ON also and you will be in for an interesting and intriguing surprise, one not all that much fun but not catastrophic either, whenever you will try to refine your focus turning the focus ring and holding one of those Dual BBF button at the same time. The tech-savvy among us may have an explanation to that behaviour.

(Back to the matter)

Among that many variants of BBF in existence my setup, yesterday, when the problem arose, was the classic "AF/AE LOCK" button set to AF-ON and the shutter button AF set to OFF. The main advantage of BBF is that you press it once to position the focus plane so that, by releasing BBF that plane remains the same... Well, I was able to focus all right but, while this should have set the focus distance to last, it oh-so did not. At each shot my images were becoming blurrier and blurrier and ... I didn't panic, so I like to believe, although the reflex of getting rid of my PL 25mm crossed my mind all too quickly, to be honest. I'd been having trouble getting really, really sharp images out of this lens for some time already. That new problem could become the last bit of fuzz on top of the cake that would seal its fate. Fortunately, I noticed, while non-panicly trying everything and the rest, that if I maintained the BBF pressed the focus drift was absent. Also, testing testing, most of my lenses also presented the same problem. PL and I did let a breath of relief out, kissed to make peace, although we were still in purgatory. (I wonder what our Buddhist friends will make of that metaphor )

For the life of PL or me, I cannot imagine a reason for that misbehaviour except for guessing that, during my explorations of that complex beast child of a Panasonic, one of the settings I chose had that effect. Anyway, as I said, I proceeded to a full reset... sorry, Reset, aka The Last Straw To Hang To for the ignorant that I am. And it worked. Actually the sharpness of all my lenses is better than it has been in some time, meaning that the guilty setting may have been chosen a few days ago.

(Epilogue, aka "Are you still there, really ?!")

While I were ("was" ? English is not my language) in the habit of saving to an SD card the totality of the camera settings it wasn't enough. From now on I proceed to incremental versions of recording my wanderings in G9 land.

That's it, I swear. You should be safe for some time now.

Salutations to the Braves.


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