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Justfocus wrote:

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Justfocus wrote:

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MILC man wrote:

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Surprisingly, the D5300 is top of the list followed closely by the D40. The D500 comes in third, The first full frame doesn't show up until 6th place with the D610 holding that spot. It's beaten out of the top half of the ranking by the D5200 and Nikon 1 V1.

nikon abandoned the v1 series back in 2018, so what is your point?

We all post opinions; the folks who post photos in challenges and galleries shoot Nikon.

Yes, in *these* galleries. Doesn’t necessarily represent the rest of the world. This is one section (microcosm?) of the photo-taking population.

Well, yes. I simply stated a fact based on the statistics from this general photography site.

Feel free to show other general sites with differences.

What does that tell you? Do you think DSLRs produce better image quality than mirrorless regardless of FF or not? What are you inferring?

The technology is so close and manufacturers are chasing each other with 'new and improved' product cycles that it makes little incremental difference to the ability to produce good images.

If you are interested in your images, sharing them, getting critiques, and learning you do that through the galleries, competitions and posting on genre boards.  Obviously the vendor boards will show a predominance of their product and DPReview doesn't show statistics on the genre boards.

If you are interested in the technology you can find enough incremental differences to believe that they have some significance in the product of your photography.

My point all along has nothing to do with the technology.  It has to do with the photographers sharing their images as a part of a learning and sharing experience.

I've actually been observing those stats for a week or so and as you not, they are flexible.  Interestingly, since starting this thread there has been an influx of Canon and Sony images that were absent before it was begun.

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