DP2Q vs Canon R5

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Re: DP2Q vs Canon R5

Neil-O wrote:

Which is which?

I presumed the Sigma is on the left but if it is I'm surprised how much better those images look compared to the ones on the right.

You can tell by the names Neil. The one on the left has a name that starts with SDIM. That usually indicates it was shot with a Sigma camera. My files begin with SDQH. Usually Merrill files begin with SDIM. I don't know why the SD Quattro H file here begins with SDIM. Maybe that is because the sample image was made when the camera first came on the market, and my camera has newer firmware. Anyway, the image on the right is the one from the Canon. It doesn't look like it was sharpened as much as the image on the left. I think most people oversharpen images from Sigma cameras. In fact, I think Sigma cameras oversharpen the images. That's why I always use Portrait color mode. (I get the least amount of sharpening, when using Portrait mode. Yes, I turn the sharpness all the way down in the camera too, and my photos still look oversharpened. SPP is better. You can pretty much turn off sharpening in SPP, so the images don't look oversharpened - even in Landscape color mode.)

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