Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

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Re: Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

shineofleo wrote:

cosmicnode wrote:

I ride 20-30miles I live close to the North Yorkshire Moor's National park, for cycling I Have a Olympus E-M10mk2. with the 14-42mm EZ collapsible zoom, this fits into one of the 3 rear pockets of a cycling jersey. I am often riding on my own so I can easily stop lean my bike against a wall and shoot, I have tried several ways to carry the gear and this is for me the best method. I have used a D300 with 10-24mm in a saddle bag and find the extra steps required to stop and take a photo to sometimes stop me from doing so, and of course it is heavier. I tried a Nikon V1 but the image quality is not up to m4/3 for other uses ,( I always carry a small camera around with me) I used a Olympus E-PL8 but the lack of a viewfinder made me change to the E-M10, Pack it in a plastic freezer bag to stop condensation on a hot day from your sweat. In a bike you often ride down narrow lanes or through places where you probably would never drive a car. There are also other small m4/3 lenses that can be carried around with you.

Thanks for the kind reply! This is exactly what I am looking for - small camera is not good enough, but good camera is too big.

May I ask if EM10mk2 is good enough? So you mostly take landscapes I guess? I am surprised that the EM10mk2 with 14-42 can fit into the jersey rear pocket!

Since the shots taken are all in good light, I don't find a problem. the IBIS is very good on Olympus camera's. the latest E-M10 mk4 is 20mp. on my cycle rides I take mostly landscapes but I would take a small tele zoom if I wanted to shoot a race. although I normally drive to a race and shoot with the E-M1X and 40-150m f2,8

I have quite a few m43 lenses since my video equipments use them, but they are manual lenses mostly.

How do you think m43 by the way? given the fact that Olympus sold their camera division...

Personally I am not worried about the gear it will still work for many years and the new owners will want to sell to existing and new owners. There will also be a large amount of used gear for many years. The photographic industry is contracting and all manufacturers could be in trouble soon.

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