Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

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Re: Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

BrentSchumer wrote:

I consider the A6600 to be a consumer trap unless you really, really need IBIS and can't scrape the money together for a refurb A7III. The A6400 offers most of its features at a much lower price point.

The 28-200mm is an 18-135mm on steroids in every way, and you could pick up the Samyang 18mm F2.8 as an upgrade for the Sammy 12mm. Sigma also offers a 100-400mm lens that is very sharp for less than a huge price.

That said, you have to figure out what upgrades are worth the money. Battery life isn't a big deal for A6X00 cameras (batteries are tiny), though I feel that the new AF tracking would be worth an A6300 upgrade. Still, it would be frustrating to buy into an old sensor and crippled/old card slot in 2020.

Personally I'm looking at the A7RIII / Sammy 18mm F2.8 / Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 / Sammy 45mm of 35mm F1.8. After renting the A7RIII and 28-200mm, the combo is a HUGE upgrade over the A6400 and 18-135mm for IQ, but at a high cost. The A7RIII's tracking isn't as good as the A6400's, but overall it's a more versatile platform.

I have the A6400 and the A7RIII.  Ergonomics are much better on the FF, and the 42mp sensor allows for some very generous cropping.  Still, the little A6400 is a great camera and has real time AF tracking, which is more effective than the lock on AF used in the A7RIII.

I use both the Sony 18-135 and the 70-350mm on my FF, and they work very well in crop mode ... with really good IQ.  The 18-135 does vignette at 18mm, but that's easily taken care of in post.  The Sony 24-105 and 200-600 are the lenses most frequently used though, and both are tack sharp with very fast focus.

My ideal body would be the A7RIII with the same real time AF used by the A6400.  Lock on works well, but is not as consistent as the newer systems.  When I want to pack light though, the A6400 is tough to beat ... and an absolute bargain at its current price.

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