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karlbown wrote:

So I'm thinking of getting a 28mm lens, mostly for street and landscape photography. Priorities for me are cost (cheaper is good), size (small lens for a small camera), and of course an ability to match the camera.

I've looked at Voigtlander Ultron (which looks like it might be fairly large) and Zeiss Biogon, but I also started seeing a few Minolta Rokkor 28mm f/2.8 M mount lenses for sale at a good price. They're very compact and seem to have solid reviews.

Anybody out there with one of these (or the Voigtlander or Zeiss, or all three!) who could give me a solid recommendation or warning as to whether I should go for one, or avoid them?

Many thanks

On the side topic that others are talking about, there is no TTartisans 28mm F1.4. I'm sure someone just mistook the 7artisans 28mm F1.4, which as the OP mentioned, is a monster of a lens, but one I do like for specific purposes.

Back to the main topic - for the OP, I was in the same boat, looking for a compact 28mm as I was finding my 7artisans way too big and heavy. I considered strongly each of the Voigtlander, Zeiss, Minolta and Hexanon. I crossed off the Minolta and Hexanon off the list because I wanted a modern lens, and didn't want to worry about the white spot issue. My understanding is that the Hexanon, while a fine lens, isn't likely to match the anti-flare/contrast, whatnot of the Zeiss.

I tried each of the VM, ZM and the latest Elmarit in the shop (I live in Tokyo), and thought each were excellent in their own way.

VM is compact, for the OP, I wouldn't worry about the size at all. It's reasonably small and compact. You get that extra stop of light. But I find I don't need F2.0 versus F2.8. Also, in my test shots on my M10-P, I just subjectively didn't like how it rendered an image. I'm sure it's fine, I just didn't like it as much as the others, but this is literally based on two or three shots of salespeople and store shelves. I did prefer the ergonomics though, with the proper focus tab.

I went with the Zeiss because 1) I found a great deal, 2) I do like my Zeiss 25mm, so figured the 28mm would be fine and 3) while not as compact as the Elmarit, with a lens hood, it's about the same size (the latest Elmarit has a massive lens hood).

Really to the OP, the question is fairly simple, in my mind. Do you want the extra stop of light or prefer the focus tab? Then it's the Voigtlander. The image quality is perfectly fine.

If you want the modern sharp precision of the Zeiss optics, then go with the Zeiss.

Either one will serve you fine.

Also, don't discount getting an Elmarit ASPH.  As you probably already know, it's about the "rental" value because eventually, you are likely to sell the lens anyway, assuming you can live without the cash for a while.

Used, I've seen, in the US used markets, the 2nd generation Elmarit ASPH for sale for as low as $1900, though more often closer to $2200.  At $1900, I'd probably buy the Leica, due to being compact and the ergonomics.  But I live in Tokyo and those prices aren't easily accessible to me...

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