Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

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Re: Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

AppleTango wrote:

Hi All,

I'm getting a bit of gear acquisition syndrome so could do with some input on whether it is worth it for me to jump to full frame. It's always been the eventual goal and with the lack of travel I'm doing this year I am wondering if spending some of that travel money on a new camera might be well timed. Alternatively I'm wondering whether to upgrade my cropped body.

I only shoot stills, video is nice but not really a priority and I mainly focus on landscapes and nature/wildlife and it is mostly something I do while travelling with some astrophotgraphy and architecture thrown in.

My current kit is:

Sony a6300

Samyang 12mm 1.2 - this is my wide angle astrophotography lens. I love this little thing. Works great for interiors also.

Soy 18-135mm - My general purpose/travel lens and the one I get the most use out of

Sony 70-350mm - my safari/wildlife lens. Obviously this doesn't come with me everywhere and doesn't get huge use.

The only thing I think I am missing is a decent fast prime for street/night photography but overall I am quite happy with this set up. Everything fits in a backpack easily enough and it covers pretty much everything I do.

With the a6600 dropping in price I am tempted to upgrade mainly for the auto-focus (for wildlife) and the increased battery life. But I am also conscious that upgrading to another cropped body effectively commits me to crop sensors for a few more years as I can't really justify the spend to upgrade only to sell it all in a year or so.

I'd be interested in how people would recreate my kit in Full Frame. I guess I would stick with Sony as I hear the a7iii is great and has been dropping in price. I've also seen the lens market start to open up with Sigma and Samyang providing some lower cost lenses as alternatives to sony (particularly super zooms that don't take up the whole backpack).

With regards to a safari/zoom lens. I don't think a massive 600mm lens would be worth it for me both for practicality and price reasons and I only really use my 350 when I'm specifically setting out to do that. So one option I was considering was using an a7R3in cropped mode only for the superzooms. I generally only print at like A3 size and just for myself so it does seem like the lower MP on those shots might not be such a big trade off.

I do like the look of the a7c for it's compact size and lock on AF but not sure it's necessarily worth the money at the moment and would mean using my superzoom in copped mode would probably not be worth the trade off in IQ (I'm assuming?)

I'm not looking for G master lenses or the best of the best gear, I am purely a hobbyist. Having said that, I understand it would be costly to switch but in my view it could be worthwhile as as a long term investment.

or maybe it actually is worth getting the a6600 for now and upgrading in a few years when current full frames drop in price? Certainly the cheaper option in the short term.

Interested in any and all opinions. Thanks!

Sounds like you dont need to upgrade at all. You mentioned youre a hobbyist and you probably just have GAS. Just get the cheap Viltrox 23/1.4 to fill your fast prime gap and hold off switching to FF for another year or so.

We are only in the first gen of entry level FF bodies from the manufacturers. Next gen will see more fleshed out bodies with more features as the competition ramps up. Theres no need to commit to FF prematurely now IMO. And you can always get a 2nd hand a7rIV cheap later down the track.

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