Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

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Re: Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

Dunsun wrote:

I have owned both Voigtlander 17.5mm 0.95 and Olympus 17mm 1.2 lenses.

I sold both since I prefer smaller lenses. Anyways if you do not mind manual focusing go for Voigtlander. It's such an amazing lens. Center sharpness is actually very close to the sharpness of my Oly 25mm 1.2 !!

Though what I really loved about that lens is its character. It can deliver many different looks. Wide open it's dreamy and it's on a warmer side. Close it down little bit a you will get great sharpness with amazing colors. One huge positive is starburst effect that it produces. There is no better lens in the whole m43 system.


Thanks! I thought more about it and I decided that I'm looking more for sharpness wide open across the frame and I think in that regard the Olympus 17 should be better. I would like to place subjects to the sides as well and that should be more consistent in terms of sharpness with Olympus. And not so sure if I will benefit from the dreaminess in what I would like to achieve (this part is hard to quantify and just following my general thoughts and feelings here).

As to the starbursts, I never used them anywhere and I think I actually more dislike them than like.

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