Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

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Re: Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

MFiftysomething wrote:

I sold my A6300 and A6500 about a year ago but kept my APSC lenses - it am on the fence with Sony APSC - I am not sure about the A6600 or A7c. I think they are both a bit lame and poor value for money at moment - Sony planned it that way I am sure as they want to push FF and protect higher models.

I'm going for a refurbished A7RIII as the sweet spot.

The A7RIV, A7SIII, and A9/A9II are well outside of any sane budget.

The A7III is good, but older. Resale value will plummet when an A7IV is released, and it's getting long in the tooth.

The A7C is repackaging old parts into an annoying form factor that will be frustrating as hell with any larger lens.  And the controls are cut down.  And it's more expensive. (Though it has that sweet new tracking).

A refurb A7RIII is a cheaper version of an already discounted model that can be sold at a slight discount to upgrade if the A7IV is stellar.  It features better parts than the A7III (EVF, display, sensor, etc), for a bit more than a new A7C or A7III.

I think the lenses is where you have to make the decision APSC is still cheaper and smaller like for like, but not always by much.

If you look at third party offerings, APSC is generally pricier for equivalent lenses.  You can get decent F1.8-F2.8 primes for $300 or $400 on FF (e.g. the 35mm Sammy is weather sealed and really sharp for $400), whereas Sony's APSC offerings are crazy expensive and quite slow ($900 for a 15-27mm F6 equivalent?  Almost $500 for an optically compromised nifty fifty?).  There are a few bright spots, but APSC mostly seems to be cheap bodies and expensive lenses.

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