Macro Photos Without Focus Stacking.

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Re: Macro Photos Without Focus Stacking.

I downsized my comparison pics to have the exact number of pixels that the author published. The watch face was 600x366 pixels. That was a factor of 5.08 smaller than my original 1860 pixels tall. Here it is.

I could easily double this pic in a quality upsizer. But it's already too tall for my intended

use, which is to be viewed online. I was not recommending my approach for gold standard prints. Incidentally the above pic is 46% of the full height of the frame.

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PS  I just quickly composed the above pic and shot.  With a bit of experimenting and a smaller aperture, I can make a taller pic which is as sharp as the 20 frame stack.  Many photographers are afraid of small apertures due to diffraction.  But I recover diffraction softening with a bit of sharpening in edit.  Diffraction isn't nearly as severe as many people think it is.

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