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Jon C Keckonen wrote:

I received my Q2 about four days ago and took it out to shoot the fall colors on a beautiful day. I also shot with my iPhone 11 Pro. The sky was very blue with some nice clouds. I used Lightroom for my Q2 shots. The iPhone photos were much more vivid and the sky and clouds looked much better. I had to use Highlights to the max and Saturation to get close to the beautiful iPhone photos. Did I make a mistake buying a Q2?

I don't have an iPhone 11 Pro; mine is an older model.

Many modern phone cameras have HDR (High Dynamic Range) turned on by default. It's not at all obvious that the images are composites of several exposures, but they are. Check the Settings menu, and when you find Camera you can see if HDR is on or not. If you turn it off, a little 'HDR' appears on the top of the screen, and you can toggle it on/off.

In the Q2's Drive menu you can set it up to take 3 or 5 images with different exposures; it then does this very quickly. Open all the images in Lightroom, and go to Photo Merge HDR. Even without a tripod, there is often very little movement between images, and you get a successful HDR.

Then compare like with like, the HDR from the iPhone and the HDR from the Q2 via Lightroom.

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