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You are absolutely right. I'm not sure if it was your goal, but you spelling out the vast range of lenses I would need helped me realize I need to cut out some of my hopes with this set up. My top priority is going light for travel and I want smaller, high quality lenses. I went back and looked at my pictures from years back and most of my work was shot between FF 35mm. 55ish mm and 75mm (Outside of the rare wildlife photo at 200 mm). With that being said I don't think I can pack light and shoot wildlife, so I will drop it for now and focus on that FF 35-75 mm range.

I recently rented a A6400 with the sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 and while I enjoyed the lens, it was too heavy for the travel I plan to do. So I think I will stick with primes for now.

I originally decided on Sony because of my recent exposure to their lineup of cameras and the large range of high quality lenses. However, since posting my original question, I've gone down a rabbit hole of Fuji and am now looking between the APS-C choices of both. Can you speak more on your comment about the quality of the full frame sony camera to the A series?

It's not my experience, it's just the reports from others I've seen. The A6XXX series cameras aren't the same sort of camera as the FF Sony cameras. They're smaller and lighter, but they apparently aren't nearly as good in terms of sensors, and the small format with the rangefinderish shape isn't a fan favourite. To be honest, I think if you're wanting APSC in mirrorless I'd recommend the Nikon Z50 LONG before the Sony APSC. I have no experience with the Canon APSC cameras, but I'd probably recommend them first too.

I use APSC cameras. There is no need to go full frame for most people. You can pretty much shoot anything you want to with APSC format, but there are specific benefits to going full frame. The low light capabilities are one, but the Mirrorless cameras these days, including the APSC ones, have taken large strides in this area.

I think it's not a bad plan to go with an APSC camera, but you have to keep in mind one specific factor - you will not be able to find APSC specific lenses for the big 3 - Sony, Nikon and Canon do not make high quality lenses specifically for the APSC format. All their lenses for that format are designed to be mid to low quality lenses. You can, of course, use full frame glass on APSC bodies. I do every day.

I don't think there is a magic bullet on this one for you. There is no perfect easy answer. There are good answers that meet pretty much all of your criteria but compromise on something. There are also great answers that meet all your criteria but blow your budget. In the end, I say choose what you like the best and move forward. If you're like most people, including me, a year from now you'll have learned better what you want out of your equipment and you'll make adjustments. Buying used will keep you from losing too much if you decide to sell, but you will lose a little, and it's just the cost of the hobby.

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