Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

If this was my money, I wouldn't bother looking at the a6600. The "killer feature" of the Sony APS-C camera system is the Real Time AF. The A6100 gets you that. Going from the a6100 to the a6600 doesn't give you dramatically better features: the IBIS and weather sealing while nice, are not on the levels of something like Olympus or Pentax; it doesn't net you a better sensor; all three EVFs are nothing special; the a6600 doesn't give you a higher maximum shutter speed or faster continuous shooting; the ergonomics are virtually identical with the a6600.

Unless you are a videographer or absolutely must have the higher capacity battery, I would go with the A6100, save a bunch of money and put it toward lenses.

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