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BGD300V1 wrote:

What with COVID Cabin fever I've been looking around various parts of photo sites that I usually breeze past.

There is a page here on DPReview that shows you which cameras are used for galleries and challenges. They are two of the tabs at

Popular Interchangeable lens cameras

The data is collected over the previous 5 days posts.

As of this morning (9/27), the list of most popular interchangeable lens cameras used in challenges is entirely Nikon. Surprisingly, the D5300 is top of the list followed closely by the D40. The D500 comes in third, The first full frame doesn't show up until 6th place with the D610 holding that spot. It's beaten out of the top half of the ranking by the D5200 and Nikon 1 V1.


These data look pretty volatile and are a bit different today from yesterday, when you posted. When I looked just before, the D5300 and D40 were still in the top two spots, but the first full frame (D850) was now in third and the D610 had disappeared completely. The D5200 and Nikon 1 V1 had dropped down. The Olympus E-M1 ii was now in fourth, followed by the Sony a6600.

If you look at the Galleries tab you see that 5 of the 10 are Nikon, 4 Canon and 1 Olympus.

This is still the same but the order and models may be different from yesterday.

Sony doesn't appear anywhere on either of those two lists; the ones where people are actually posting images from their gear.

It does now!

The devil is in the detail...

The "top challenges camera", the D5300, has 5.3%. But 5.3% of what? Presumably all challenge entries in the five days. There's not a lot of challenges running at any given time and a lot do not have many entries. So, 1/20th of a relatively small number is a very small number. Small enough to be meaningless as a statistical measure. It could easily be skewed by one or two people entering a couple of challenges on a particular day.

All together, the 10 cameras total 26.9%. So 3/4 of challenge entries are from cameras other than these.

The "top galleries cameras" are an even smaller proportion of the total. The D850 accounts for 3.5%. All up, the top 10 account for 22.1% of uploads. I don't know how many photos are uploaded to DPR galleries each day, but perhaps one person uploading a bunch of photos from their D850 will do it.

In any case, gallery entries don't mean a lot. We know from several threads, including recent ones, that many members don't use the gallery function. Some avoid it to protect their professional interests, some don't like how DPR stores photos, some post directly into threads, some choose to post their images elsewhere and only come to this site to talk about gear. Some only use galleries to post in challenges and then delete them after the challenge is finished.

For ages I had an empty gallery, first because you had to use Adobe Flash and my device didn't support it, then because I couldn't be bothered sorting through all my pictures to select those I felt should represent me in the gallery. The only reason I have some now, aside from challenge entries, is to provide a shield against those members who criticise others for not having any photos in their gallery. So I grabbed a few random photos and threw them in the gallery so nobody can say that to me. They're far from my best photos, but they're something.

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