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When you buy as many cameras as the AP does it comes down to price on a competitive bid basis.

cameras are _not_ all the same.

the a.p. stated that sony has the technological advantages that the a.p. wants, because it does, as i already demonstrated.

nikon has to buy sensors from sony, it's forever condemned to playing second fiddle wrt technology.

If you want the name bad enough you undercut the competition. You probably throw in a lot of the older models that Sony is still trying to unload.

whatever the customer wants, period.

It's still a fact that NIKON had all ten competition slots and half of the gallery slots on this site.

I just checked again, the Sony A7R II has shown up at the bottom of the competition list. It's got a long way to go to catch up to the 15 year old Nikon D40. Somebody has been busy since this thread began,

again, what's your point?

nikon stock prices have plunged in the last year, from $12.40 to $6.44 a share.

i would expect stability to be a factor for the a.p.

The point is the images produced and published here by photographers.

what is the point of worrying about what other photographers use.

it must be a social thing, like people who need to be seen carrying technically inferior leica cameras.

the brand matters more than the photos.

You can worry about stock prices, etc.

everyone should worry about the future of the camera company that they buy product from.

the fact that nikon abandoned the v1 series should have been a wake-up call for all nikon owners... likewise with nikon plunging stock prices.

BTW, Nikon makes the machines that makes the sensors.

nikon has insignificant market share there, and only with low-end lithography equipment:


When I take part in a thread I usually take a look at the other posters gallery to see if I find value in their input based on the evidence of their expertise. That's sometimes hard to find in a forum on buying advice.

some people don't understand hard technical facts about cameras, and how brands differ.

dpr does their best with detailed camera reviews, but that's apparently not enough.

I don't believe that for a minute. I've sold digital images taken with everything from a Coolpix 5700 to my Z7 and a number of DSLRs in between.

you must believe it, because you are making biased brand comparisons that are based on how many pics are posted in one small section of one website only.

what is the point of that? what do you think it proves? how will that help anyone choose a brand of camera to buy?

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