Who's using RAW Photos and/or cloud RAW workflows?

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Who's using RAW Photos and/or cloud RAW workflows?

I've been playing around with RAW Power 3.0 (I completely missed the news of the 3.0 version update), and I'm impressed, particularly with the standalone version's integration with Photos, and the syncing to the iOS version of the app within iCloud. The RAW conversion and (default) auto settings are far better than ACR to my eye, for my files.

I also have lost my desktop this year (complications due to old age), and my external USB drive purchased a little over a year ago now has a loose connector that disconnects when bumped. Also, it seems I either have the dongle or the drive on hand when needed, but never both.

I have blazingly fast internet (up to 1Gbps), and a cloud workflow really appeals at this stage, as unpopular as this might be around here. I'm frankly tired of USB drives, and I always have issues with libraries getting out of sync with my portable local, local NAS, and cloud folder structure (my fault, I know).

Is anyone else using RAW Power with an iCloud Photos Library?

I was put off at first because of the segmentation (can only keyword in Photos, once edited in RP all edits need to be in RP, etc). However, my Lightroom workflow has me flopping between modules, and to Photoshop itself too, so maybe having both Photos and RP open at the same time is fine. I really like the idea of a (fairly) immutable photo library that I can't (easily) screw up.

Or are these cobbled-together workflows just bound to break at some point, and then we're locked in and/or more frustrated? Is it perhaps the most sensible to just salute our dear Adobe overlords and rest easily knowing that it's the safest option for a one-stop shop workflow for the foreseeable future? (I really really don't enjoy using Adobe products though.) I get the Adobe CC Suite for free via work (100GB only), so could use LR Classic and Dropbox for the originals, downloaded on demand.

I know I shouldn't let this crap interfere with getting out there and taking pictures, but this convoluted landscape and lack of a "permanent home" just saps the creative juices out of me sometimes.

A far cry from the therapy of a real darkroom, with the sound of jazz music and the smell of fixer!

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