Panasonic teleconverter suggestions G9 100-300

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Re: Panasonic teleconverter suggestions G9 100-300

alanvee wrote:

Trying my hand at bird photography- can’t afford the 100-400 so refining what I can do with the 300. So have been thinking about trying a teleconverter for a bit more reach. Would like to hear what you’ve been using (G9) and what success...or not!

If by "teleconverter" you are referring to the TC14 or TC20, they will not work with the 100-300. You can use the 1.4x or 2.0x exTele which is simply a crop, but they reduce the megapixals. You can also use 2x or 4x digital zoom. I do not know how the results would be on the 100-300. I have tried the 1.4x exTele and the digital zooms with my G9 and my PL50-200. The results were mixed. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the IQ was when I used the 1.4 exTele setting and even more surprised at how good the IQ was with the 2x digital zoom. However, the 4x digital zoom was quite awful. Hope this helps.

Regards, Dave

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