Is this normal? Hot pixels/noise in particular zone

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Re: Is this normal? Hot pixels/noise in particular zone

Spirograph1109 wrote:

lewiedude2 wrote:

No exif. Lens cap on or off? What did you actually do to create the image?

The lens cap was on and the camera was filming a small 3 minute clip before the shot, so it was warmed up a little.

ISO 200, 10 seconds, f22, 16-80mm@16, Fujifilm X-T4

Other than the amount of hot pixels (which I don't know if that should be tolerable) I am just confused by this "zone" where you have more hot pixels/noise.

I will give you what I am recalling from other threads in this forum. When you perform the test you undertook, with the exif data provided, when the lens cap is on and it is sheer dark, noise will appear as the sensor is trying to capture light. The hot pixels appearing as white may or may not be normal for your 10 second exposure. I have the T2 and I can remap the pixels as a separate function (not related to sensor cleaning function by the camera) as well as set the camera to accept longer exposures which aides the reduction of hot pixels.

I would search the forum for other threads, there are quite a few. I think your camera is fine. Good luck!!

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