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Re: Back to M, and Minolta 28mm?

karlbown wrote:

After previously having an M8, which was a test to see if I could get on with using a rangefinder, and enjoying it, about a year ago, I sold it with a view to getting a full frame M model.

After looking for a while I've picked up a used M 240 in black, it's got a certain amount of brassing, which adds to the charm/makes it look old (delete as appropriate), and seems to be in pretty good condition.

I take photographs for fun, and the act of photography has to be enjoyable for me. I've been through just about every manufacturer over the last few years, and though I've pretty much got on with every style of camera, my favourites have really been my Fujis (I still have an X100V right now). They're just nice items to pick up, look at, and, of course, use. I've had a few Sonys, but despite their clear technical ability I've never enjoyed using them. So tempted though I am by them, I always end up feeling disappointed.

The Leicas that I've had have been in a different class though. I had a T, which was such an interesting and attractive design, an M8, which really showed where Leica were going. And now an M 240. Which is a lovely piece of kit, solid without being huge, and just enjoyable to use and hold (for me anyway, I can see not everyone would like it).

So I'm thinking of getting a 28mm lens, mostly for street and landscape photography. Priorities for me are cost (cheaper is good), size (small lens for a small camera), and of course an ability to match the camera.

I've looked at Voigtlander Ultron (which looks like it might be fairly large) and Zeiss Biogon, but I also started seeing a few Minolta Rokkor 28mm f/2.8 M mount lenses for sale at a good price. They're very compact and seem to have solid reviews.

Anybody out there with one of these (or the Voigtlander or Zeiss, or all three!) who could give me a solid recommendation or warning as to whether I should go for one, or avoid them?

Many thanks

Look at a ttartisan 28mm f/1.4

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