Low ceiling Top down challenge

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Re: Low ceiling Top down challenge

Currantos wrote:


I really would like to accomplish that "top down" look, similar to a lot of beauty/butterfly and even fitness light that sculpts down the sides of the face/body but have low ceiling challenges.

Anyone has any recommendations? Are there flat lights? The light plus softbox take up a significant space. In an 8 ft apartment studio to have a top light 4ft softbox the model has to be pretty much seated on a low stool, so full body not possible.

Anyone has any tips or tricks or anything? Trying to learn here. Thank you

Rogue Flashbender XL Pro.  It can be used as a gridded strip light with the flash coming in horizontally; you can stick it on a boom arm to get the tripod out of the way and mount it flush with the ceiling.

V2 is $100, V3 is $120.

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