Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

I tried the same thing with a flashlight and a magnifier, just in case there was something abnormal about the plug.  I didn't see anything that didn't look right.

I agree about the 2 grips.  I have the feeling SOMETHING is wrong in the camera body.  And I'm pretty sure if I send it to Nikon, even though I keep seeing entries in different discussion that the 3rd party grips DO NOT void the warranty, that they'll demand some ridiculous amount to fix it...

At the same time, I'm having trouble believing that with the large number of people using 3rd party grips, that SOME wouldn't have experienced the same thing I am.

Unfortunately, the nearest "camera store" where they MAY have a grip I could try is about 100 mile round trip.

Fortunately, the D850 still works, other than not having 9fps, which I don't need all that often, and MAYBE not having the camera USE the battery in the grip, which will be annoying...

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