Back to M, and Minolta 28mm?

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Re: Back to M, and Minolta 28mm?

For the Minolta, be aware that that lens is prone to white spotting. If you google it, you will find much discussions of this. Most of the more affordable ones I’ve seen suffer from this, and more pristine ones usually go for more.

I just picked up a Zeiss 28mm and while it’s not as small as some of the others, it’s still pretty small, especially considering it’s got a rather small, and I have to believe ineffective lens hood.

The Voigtlander isn’t tiny either, but it’s not a large lens at all.

There are many, many good options, each with their pros and cons, for a good 28mm lens.

If size + budget is your most important priorities, you’re probably looking at the Zeiss, Voigtlander, Hexanon, Minolta.

The Leica is the smallest, but obviously you have to pay up for that. Don’t underestimate tho the importance of the lens tab shape and ergonomics. My Zeiss is nice, but the nub (which is Minolta’s approach too) isn’t as nice as a tab, IMHO.

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