Cracked base plate from an Arca mount @#$%

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Re: Stress Cracks in the RX10 Base Plate

Yes me too, I just use the pathetic looking Sony thin string type wrist strap (as supplied with the RX100) on the Rx10M4 as it is so comfortable and really doesn’t get in the way as some I have used do, it slips on almost instinctively whenever I pick the camera up just for safety in case I drop it,  I would of course never dangle the camera from it though as it is there just in case I lose my grip on the camera.

As far as using the RX10 on a tripod, yes I avoid it if possible now as I have far cheaper cameras with better build quality in the tripod mount department (in fact every camera I have ever owned has/had better build quality in that area it seems) that do the job just as well, I guess if you are made aware that there is a risk something might break from they way you use it, it’s then up to you to decide if you think what you are doing is worth taking that risk as the fault may or may not affect your particular piece of equipment, in my case it’s just not worth the risk.

The camera is what it is, it isn’t built like a Nikon F1 or Leica we know (what camera is today) and it has faults like any other modern camera which you just have to work around and then enjoy the really good things it can do.

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