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Disp10-9 wrote:

1. I want to go with the sony brand. All of my research has been on sony and I recently got to play around with an a7iii and loved the image quality.

If you are happy with Sony handling their cameras certainly deliver a lot of functionality

2. I will mainly shoot while traveling/backpacking. So I need something small both in the lens and body. I plan to carry a very small day bag inside my travel backpack, so I will only have room for two small lenses or 1 medium sized lens total. In that same vein, I want to go light.

Overall that argues against FF because the lenses are bigger for similar angles of view.

3. Image quality. I hope to print off an occasional 8x10 from my travels.

Pretty much any modern camera will meet that criterion. You could even go down to a 1" sensor if the camera delivers everything else you need.

4. The order of what I like to shoot is 1. Travel photography 2. Landscape 3. Wildlife

Small critters far away?

4. I would like to learn astrophotography (milky way and northern lights).

Sony have a reputation for 'star eating'. I can't speak from experience but apparently the noise reduction can actually delete stars because they look like noise to the system. Definitely double check on the astrophotography forum.

5. I'm okay dropping most of my budget on a really nice lens if it covers what I want. In fact I would prefer it.

'Really nice' zooms tend to be fairly big and heavy. If you are basing your quality measure on 10x8 prints it may not be worth while.

My first thought was to go with the the a series, but I've not been impressed with the 6400 or 6600. The shallow depth of field bothers me, but maybe it's just my lack of experience with it.

Do you mean it is 'too shallow' or not shallow enough? Depth of field control is a question of distance, aperture and focal length. Once you know what you are doing the differences between FF and smaller sensors are not massive.

Any recommendations or direction would be greatly appreciated. I've started to become confused in what I really want and am talking myself into a cybershot or up to the new A7c.

The comments on the A7c have generally not been flattering. And any size saving is only on the body; the lenses are the same as for any other A7 model.

Have a play with this site to see how big various combinations of body and lens work out.


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