Saliva on GH5 sensor

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Re: Saliva on GH5 sensor

Daiken wrote:

Shouldn't damage the sensor. It will not dry up and blow off. Usually spit will dry and leave a spot on the sensor that you can only get off with mechanical force. You can get sensor cleaning swabs from Amazon that will come with vacuum sealed swabs and cleaning fluid. That should do it.

Alternatively if you wanna be cheap or if you're in a hurry, you can use the felt tip of a clean/new lens pen if you've got one. Most people will say that's dumb, but I've done it like 5 times now while traveling and have not had any issues. You have to obviously be super careful and gentle. There are also specially made sensor pens but if you're buying something, I'd go with the swabs and cleaning solution.

I'd be wary of the newer types of LensPen that have pale grey tips, as they are little terrors for leaving a powdery residue on optics, so I imagine they'd do the same to a sensor's filter stack surface. Whilst it may then be removable with a rocket blower, the powder is light enough that it would likely blow in multiple directions.

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