Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

I was hoping to continue to use my A6600 as a 1080p webcam for Zoom meetings and calls with friends and family just as I had with my A6000.  I have a USB 3.0 HD capture card that is dead simple to use.  Zoom sees it as a video source without having to go through OBS Studio.  While the A6600 works with the capture card, the 1080p video from it is poor, and not as good as the 1080 from my A6000 using the same card.  Again, I see a lot of aliasing and compression banding.  If the subject is still it looks acceptable, but the slightest movement cause a posterization effect on the subject that I did not see on my A6000.  I tested this with the HDMI resolution set to auto, 2160p/1080p, and 1080i.  It is possible that the capture card could play a part in the poor quality, but as I said before, I didn't see these problems with the A6000 and everything else being the same gear.

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