Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

My experience has been that the viewfinder of the A6600 has so much aliasing that judging focus is all but impossible unless you use the focus magnification tool.  The aliasing is very coarse and high contrast.  By way of comparison, I found the viewfinder in the A6000 much smoother and clear of aliasing.  I still used the focus magnification tool, but the  viewfinder is nicer to use than the A6600.

Also, the real issue with the A6600 viewfinder is horizontal scan noise that I can see when these conditions are met:

Liveview effects are turned on (in video mode it is always on).

The scene in the viewfinder is at -1stop on the exposure scale in the bottom of the finder.

There are large areas of even tone in the scene, like white walls, carpet, a dark desk or table.

The horizontal scan lines can be seen easily as a "brushed steel" texture in the areas of even tone.  I had this appear in the first A6600 I bought, so I had it exchanged and the second body shows it too.  I am in contact with Sony USA about the issue now.   The scanlines do not appear on the rear LCD or the recorded files, or when Live view effects are off, as the camera keeps the exposure  bright in the finder.  But if I am shooting night interiors and what to check color temp. with the exposure preview, there are the dancing scan lines.  I tested this under continuous light sources like tungsten and window skylight.  Neither my A6000 or a loaned A7III showed the scan lines at all.

I think that it is some sort of processing issue or a resolution mis-match of some sort.

I will report back when I hear from Sony.  They are trying to reproduce the issue.

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