R5/R6 "High Speed Display"

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R5/R6 "High Speed Display"

I was wondering how the "High Speed Display" in Canon R5 (and R6) actually works when using the mechanical shutter? Here is what I vaguely assume.

R5 is said to have about 15ms sensor readout in fastest 12-bit mode (don't know if accurate/true). And with electronic shutter it can take 20fps (in 12-bit) with constant AF. So the focusing speed seems to be about 35ms (for this example...).

Now based on "blog.kasson.com" tests from other (Sony) cameras it seems that 14-bit readout takes about double the time, so it would be ~30ms for 14-bit mechanical shutter. Before that there would need to be:

focusing ~35ms
closing the shutter ~3,5ms
opening the shutter/exposure ~3,5ms
here the readout ~30ms
and opening the shutter 3,5ms

These make 75,5ms in total. So slightly less than 83,3ms calculated from the 12fps spec. But R6 has the same spec and its sensor readout is said to be slower at ~19,3ms 12-bit. So for it this way calculated value would be 84,1ms - so about right.

Now if that all is about correct (don't know 🤔), the assumptions for the workings of the "High Speed Display" can be derived from them. That function works only with 6fps mechanical shutter mode. And this seems strange to me.

Does this mean that the EVF/display is only been refreshed during the caps between those ~75,5-83,3ms operations? So that there woud be 83,3ms freeze followed by 10 live frames (when in 120Hz EVF mode) etc.? Or does the view also cover the calculated ~35ms focusing period? If so "the freeze" would only be about 40,5-48,3ms followed by 14-15 live frames.

And what could be the technical reason that this "High Speed Display" live view is not available in 12fps mechanical shutter mode? I mean if it can operate during the focusing period it could give 4 live frames (in 120Hz mode) between each freeze resulting a 60fps view instead of the 12fps "slideshow"

Canon EOS R5 Ricoh Caplio R6
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