Saying a lens is "fast", talking about aperture... Locked

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Saying a lens is "fast", talking about aperture...

Isn't that confusing to say a lens is "fast", while the actual topic is about aperture?

The lens opens sufficiently wide  to catch enough light and allow for a faster shutter speed.

Everyone utilizes that term "fast" while referring to the lens aperture, including Wikipedia, and... myself

However, these days I've been checking a few lenses, googling, youtubing, looking for a fast macro lens... but "fast" as in "fast autofocus"! Not specifically a lens with a wide aperture.

And it's not easy, because "fast focus" in a search engine returns results about wide aperture lenses. Even "fast focus" (with the quotes) has most results about an aperture-fast lens. Finally, I resorted to have a look at all lenses, and check specifically any mention about focusing.

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