Z5 images on sd card disappeared... ?

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Z5 images on sd card disappeared... ?

I am new to Nikon, coming from Fuji, and have had my Z5 + 24-200mm for a couple of weeks now. I've been out with it about three or four times to get used to it and test various functions. Recently though, something strange started happening. Just yesterday I was shooting flowers etc. in a community park while my kids were on the playground. During shooting I would press the playback button to review the images I had shot. No problem, they were there and I could zoom in on them to check sharpness, etc. When I was finished I turned the camera off.

Since then the camera was simply sitting on my desk at home. I decided to import the images into my ipad, so I removed the first card from the camera and put it into the sd card reader attached via usb-c to my ipad. I opened the Photos app, selected "Nikon z5" (the name of the main folder on the card), waited a few seconds, then the message "No photos to import" came up. I removed the card, put it back in my camera, turned it on and pressed playback. Another "folder contains no images" message from the camera displayed. I turned the camera off, removed the card, and put it into my computer. The message "there is something wrong with this drive" or similar came up.

I have card two set as a backup, and it showed none of the photos I had taken from yesterday. However, it did display photos taken from a few days ago. Tonight I tried card one in slot 2 on the camera (no images), and then put it back into slot 1, tried to take new pictures, and the images are there. When I placed the card into the computer, the images displayed but I also got the message that there was a problem with the drive.

FYI, the camera was set to jpeg Fine so it's not a NEF issue (my ipad still cant read Z5 NEFs yet). Some questions:

-If I successfully took pictures yesterday and was able to review them in-camera, where did they go today when I tried to import them to my ipad?

-Why is my computer saying there is a problem with the drive but will display images I took tonight?

-The cards are Sandisk Extreme Pro, about a year and a half old. I do format them in-camera after each export of all images. They had no problems in my Fuji camera, but now one of them at least is suspect in the Z5.

Any hints for troubleshooting before buying a new card? TIA 

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