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Stabilization policy of Pansonic

Breb wrote:

Hi does anyone know if apart from the lens switch is there any way I can configure the G9 to only have the OIS come on when I half press the Shutter Button. I realise I can have Mode 1 or 2 in video mode but I would like it for stills shooting, it seems crazy to have it running all the time when I'm just changing settings etc. I've searched the manual but cant find anything. Thanks

Unlike Olympus which offers shooter an option to select using either OIS or IBIS, Panasonic does not. It sticks to a very simple policy: Best or nothing.

Therefore part of your question would depend on what is the lens you used.

  • If an OIS only, non DUAL IS compatible lens (e.g. 14-45 f/3.5-5.6 or any Olympus OIS lenses), on G9 you can choose to use either OIS or no stabilization.
  • If an OIS and DUAL IS compatible lens (e.g. 12-35 f.2.8 mk-I), on G9 you can choose to use either DUAL IS or no stabilization.
  • If an OIS and DUAL IS 2 compatible lens (e.g. 12-32 f/3.5-5.6), on G9 you can choose to use DUAL IS or no stabilization.
  • If a non OIS lens (e.g. 15 f/1.7 or any Olympus non OIS lenses), on G9 you can choose to use IBIS or no stabilization.

Then would like to ask for your purpose wishing to activate stabilization only on half shutter pressing?

As G9 uses a 5-axis IBIS floating sensor, it requires an electromagnetic force to keep the sensor in fixed position (if Stabilization = OFF) or ready to compensate for the shaking (if Stabilization = ON). Hence, no matter you see the stabilization effect in evf/LCD, G9 will keep on spending energy to keep the sensor in ready to operate position all the time. The sensor will only rest (freely sitting in its housing) on power off. So, would you think a setting to activate stabilization only when half pressing of shutter be meaningful?

BTW, an IS switch on the lens barrel is the same as the IS option in the Menu.

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