F2.8 vs F4.0 / Bokeh and Noise /Full Frame or APS-C

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F2.8 vs F4.0 / Bokeh and Noise /Full Frame or APS-C

Hello photographers

I'm on a limited budget and would like to buy a body and 1 lens.

Preferably I would like to spend around 1800 EUROS or 2100 DOLLARS. If necessary I could spend max around 2300 EUROS or 2700 DOLLARS.

What do I want?

I would like to buy a good camera to take (semi)professional photos. I am not really interested in video. What I would like to photograph? Landscapes, streets (street life), portraits, objects (could be everything for example a cup of coffee).

Important: I like smooth bokeh and I would like to be able to photograph in darker environments (inside, or outside later in the evening) with higher ISO.

Now here's the deal. I am not the guy who sees himself carrying a bag with 10 different lenses. For starters I would like to buy a body with 1 good lens. This lens should be an all-round zoom lens. Maybe later I will buy one or 2 prime lenses. Besides that, I want to buy a body that I can use for let's say at least the coming 5 years. I'm not planning on buying a new body every 2 years. Oh, and I do not own any old lenses so I'm not restricted to a particular brand.


I have doubts about what would be my best option. I've been told by some salesmen the best I could do is to invest in good glass and (considering my limited budget) a relatively cheaper body. As they stated: one day you will want to buy a new body, but you can keep the glass forever.

I very much like the sample pictures I have seen from the Fuji-X series (XT-30, XT-4). These are APS-C cameras. With my budget I could buy for example:

- a Fuji XT-30 + Fuji 16-55 mm F2.8 lens for about 1950 EUROS or 2250 DOLLARS.
- a Fuji XT-4 + Fuji 18-55 mm F2.8-4.0 lens for about 2200 EUROS or 2600 DOLLARS.


Buy an entry level full frame camera. For example the Nikon Z5 or Z6. Instead of an APS-C camera I would then have a full frame camera. However ... considering my budget I would not have enough money to buy an F2.8 lens. I would have to buy an F4.0 lens then. For example:

- a Nikon Z5 + Nikon 24-50 mm F4.0-6.3 lens for about 1900 EUROS or 2200 DOLLARS.
- a Nikon Z6 + Nikon 24-70 mm F4.0 lens for about 2300 EUROS or 2700 DOLLARS.

Notice: the camera types mentioned above are just examples. It can be other brands and/or types as well.

My main question is ... what would you do? Would you buy a (more high-end) APS-C camera with an F2.8 lens? Or would you go (entry level) full frame with an F4.0 lens?

My main concerns are:

- If I go APS-C I will get noise on higher ISO, but (I think) better bokeh because F2.8
- If I go full frame I will get less noise on higher ISO, but (I think) worse / not as good bokeh because F4.0

Do my concerns make sense?

I hope I could get some advice here. I am also interested if there are other reasons to go for a Fuji or a Nikon, or to not go for a Fuji or a Nikon.

Every reaction is being appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Nikon Z6
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