Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

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Re: Olympus 17 mm f 1.2 Pro, 45 mm f 1.2 Pro, Voigtlander 17.5 mm f 0.95

I read the whole post and looked at your photos. Nice images BTW.

Your analysis is correct - why do you need validation from us!

The film examples you show are a better fit to 17mm than 45mm in terms of composition. Shooting outside, you can use the 75mm in many of the same situations where the 45mm would be an alternative. Indoors you will be able to get more people in the image most of the time.

Both lenses have 20cm minimum focus distance, so you will be able to get interesting landscapes with the 17mm and semi macro details with the 45mm.

You can’t really lose with either but the 17mm fits your criteria better, as your brain is telling you. Your heart just wants shallower DoF.

As a final thought, your film examples look as though they could have been taken with the 12-40 wide open or the 20mm.

This is my mate Andrew, taken with a 12-60SWD at 25mm, not even as wide open as f/2.8.

This is me taken at the equivalent of 27mm f/1.2. See what I mean about indoor shooting and multiple subjects.

Get the 17mm.


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