Creative cloud storage with Lr Classic

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Re: Creative cloud storage with Lr Classic

On a side not though, am I right in saying that most people don’t export everything to jpg or whatever & only export images that they wish to publish or print etc.. but for most of the time it’s just all about keeping the raw files catalog in Lr?

Joe94 wrote:

davidedric wrote:

I certainly don't export everything

What I typically do is to create a Collection for whatever purpose I have in mind, and then Exort the contents of the Collection. I do tend to hang onto the Exported images, which really makes very little sense

Thank you for the tips Sound like I was thinking along the right line aha.

LrC is designed so that the exports go off somewhere and are expendible, in that you can always just export again. So I'd say most of us only export for publishing or printing (as in sending to services vs printing directly.

One of LrC's best features, one not found elsewhere, is publishing IMHO. It's like having images halfway in Lr: they are JPEGs etc out in the filesystem, online, etc, but they still have a relationship to the files in LrC, in that you change them and poof! they get republished. I have images on thumbdrives, media servers, and such where this really comes in handy.

Jeffrey Freidl has some good plugins for all of this. Folder Publisher, Collection Publisher (does an export mimicing the structure of collections), and Snapshot on Export (makes a snapshot each time you export so that if you subsequently edit the image, but the Boss says hey, I liked what you send me! you can go back and get the image to where it was when it was sent).

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