Cracked base plate from an Arca mount @#$%

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Re: So the RX10iv tripod mount is attached to metal.

DCRX10 wrote:

Just like to add that I also have exactly this same problem with cracked/broken bits of the base plate around my RX10 iV tripod mount. My camera is normally used hand held but I also use a quick release tripod mount for occasional tripod use. I also noticed the cracking and pieces of the base plate falling out when I took the QR plate off. The camera is approx 20 months old and in otherwise mint condition. No drops or knocks.

I have a 3 year guarantee but I'm currently having to argue my case with the high street seller because they say Sony will treat this as accidental/cosmetic damage. The only reason I am on this forum is to try and find evidence to backup my claim that the thin plastic base plate is a poor design, hence the cracking.

This is clearly a weakness, I wont call it what it is because, as often seen on these forums criticism of someones pride and joy appears to cause an uncontrollable urge for some to respond with unhelpful and on occasion uncalled for snarky remarks, though tbh most on this forum are usually very helpful.

If Sony (as I expect they will) dig in and refuse to acknowledge that this is a weakness and refuse to repair it foc, then as a last resort you might wan’t to have a stab at fixing it yourself if you are handy with a screwdriver and take a little care at first glance it looks doable imo, this video on youtube appears to show how easy the plastic base comes off:

the part is available on eBay (via china of course) from here:

Now what state the metal tripod mount or it’s fixings are in you will only know once the cover has been removed I guess.

if it were meI think I would have a go, but I know diy camera repair is not for everyone and mistakes can be costly.

Hope this is of some help, but lets hope Sony steps.

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