Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

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Re: Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

SantaMaria wrote:

Gene J. Paull wrote:

So I've read every post on this thread multiple times - the issues remain the same, some love the LX100ii, others point weaknesses - the body sealing would be critical for me.

It's between my Nikon D700 and the LX100ii as what to take. My film (yes, you heard me right) Nikon FE2, 2-3 primes, and 400 ISO film definitely goes - it fits in a very small and old and un-noticeable shoulder bag I've had for years. The D700 - excellent for rough travel and great IQ for my purposes - but, big, heavy, awkward, and a lot to lug around. The LX100ii - everything I need in one package, fits nicely in the inside pocket of a beat-up old denim vest - I'd put it in a special microfiber wrapper. FE2 for film - need a digital backup/safety net. D700 does everything I need and I'm sure of the results- LX100ii makes life a whole lot easier. ????????? Thanks!

Indeed, the LX100 handles like an ideal camera should, according to me. Except that the output is less than stellar, less than 1", sometimes less than a small camera or phone.

Have a look, you might be surprised as (F Zappa stated):

I don’t think your experience with output quality is consistent with others - at least it’s not with mine. It’s better than my iPhone X by a lot, and as good as my E-M5 II with the 12-35mm f/2.8 on it.

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