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Re: I just noticed something

BGD300V1 wrote:

Justfocus wrote:

I guess it depends on which segment of the population you're dealing with.

The Associated Press have globally made Sony the official camera of all photo journalists



That's marketing and cutting price to get the order so that claims like that can be made.

it's not marketing and price cutting, the ap picked the best gear for the job that they are doing.

it's well-documented that they needed stills/video/uploading tech capability that no other manufacturer has.

canon is trying to support four different incompatible lens mounts, canon only has one parfocal power zoom vs. sony having six of 'em, canon doesn't make smartphones so they don't have native 5g upload compatibility, etc.

"An HDMI input lets you connect the Xperia PRO to a camera or video camera and use 5G mmWave connectivity to broadcast video content. It’s a game-changer for working on location." https://www.sony.com/electronics/professional-smartphones/xperia-pro/specifications

It's like Canon paying to be the "Official Camera of the NFL"

no, because the nfl itself didn't commit to owning just canon gear... the ap committed to equipping it's photogs with only sony gear, that's not the same thing as sponsoring a few events... sponsoring is nothing more than advertising.

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