Specific questions about USB/WiFi interference

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Philip Eihuyar
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Re: Specific questions about USB/WiFi interference

Billiam29 wrote:

Main Question:
As best I can recall this became an issue with USB 3.0 and 2.4 GHz WiFi. What if a device attached to your computer’s USB 3 port is just a USB 2.0 device? Does that negate the potential for interference or is there something about the frequencies involved with the USB 3 controller and port themselves that might cause issues?

Related Questions:
Did anything change with what is now USB 3.1 Gen2 (10 Gbps)? Does the type of port actually factor in now for interference potential: Type-A vs. Type-C?

I’m thinking about running an Intel NUC in a headless configuration with WiFi connectivity for access. The NUC would be a music file host attached to an external DAC via USB. I’m just wondering whether I need to get a 5 GHz WiFi dongle in order to avoid interference from the NUC/DAC USB connection. I’m reasonably certain that a majority of DACs with USB attachments are only USB 2 devices. Hence that piece of the puzzle.

I recall that I posted this on the Mac forum a couple or so years ago. I had a new USB connected monitor that would not read a signal -blank screen. The answer was to move the USB monitor connection away by a port or two from the USB WIFi extender. It worked.

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