For those waiting for Z mount pancakes.....

Started Sep 27, 2020 | Discussions thread
paulski66 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,584
Why in the world...

Would anyone get one of these for a z 50 when the excellent 16-50, which isn't much bigger and is probably cheaper when purchased with a kit, is available?

Hell, why in the world would anyone get one for the z 6 or z 7 (or z 5, for that matter), when the excellent 16--50, which isn't much bigger and is probably cheaper not much more expensive than this when purchased used, is available? Which is what I did, btw; the 16-50 is brilliant on my z 7, with plenty of resolution left over when shooting in dx mode.

My guess is 95% of the people who buy one of these uses it once or twice and then on the shelf it goes, never to be mounted again.

Me, I'll save my $150 and put it toward a lens I really want (like that 28mm pancake, when it's finally released), rather than spend it on some mediocre gimmick like this.

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