Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

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Re: Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

Neil-O wrote:

I can see where the OP is coming from, I find myself using fixed lens cameras more and more these days simply because they are more portable, and maybe there is some common ground among those of us who prefer this approach to photography.

But I agree with those who say there are too many forums already. To a forum newcomer, and I count myself in this bracket, it is really quite bewildering at first.

I'd like to see some rationalisation in light of developments over the last 10 years. For example, I don't see the reason for having two forums for Nikon DX cameras much less the justification for the "pro" and "consumer" distinction. Like much of DPR it might have made sense at the time but times have changed. There are other examples where the passage of time has rendered certain forums inappropriate or even obsolete.

But what are the chances of a ground up revamping of DPR?

Possibly not for newcomers. But some simplicity inspired photographers who may or may not use one of those.

Or people who enjoy looking at those pics, wondering.

In short: the opposite of the "covering all bases" brigade. 🙃

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