Drone 3d footage. your opinions please about the 3d effect

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Re: Drone 3d footage. your opinions please about the 3d effect

rablaw 3d wrote:

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

rablaw 3d wrote:

Please watch it and tell me what you think.

Also anyone who has big screen

video sample:



Hi Rab, it works pretty darn good for me- I would be thrilled with that result.

My thought is if you take that puppy up during a Blue or Golden Hour or at night it would be overwhelming, maybe play with the blend modes to see which gives the best effect for a 3D clip.

I would look at this as a 100% successful sortie.

The only limits from here is imagination.

Thanks Rodger

I did shoot again in golden hour and it was much better

Unfortunately the Gopro image is bad at night.

I will post a new sample later.

Hi Rab, looks fantastic, I don't have the correct glasses but when I used a divided and cross eye - for sure the brain had some merged segments where I was just flying over there just like you intended.

After your message , it occurred to me, maybe a  gel could be placed in front of 3 D glasses for an effect?

Do you have a recommendation on a basic set of glasses? I don't want to spend the bank but I don't want cellophane either.

I don't have a drone but love the creative concept and rescue - medical assistance potential, some ideas

Flying over a cattle field, flower beds, through  a tunnel, bridge, over a junk yard, down whitewater rapids - why not overcome any low light limits with short bursts of low light for drama say like flying along a fence where all the slats are casting shadows for 50 m or something, the forest at daybreak in blazing sun?

I think the sky is the limit Rab - endless possibilities with " that puppy" as we like to say in Canada.

Loved it!

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Best Regards, Rodger
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