A7ii vs A7rii vs A7iii (only lenses would be different)

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Re: A7ii vs A7rii vs A7iii (only lenses would be different)

You’ve had some thoughtful suggestions so far, but the sort of photography your wife does or wants to do is also relevant (and some would say it’s more important than, say, the ultimate sensor performance differences between the body choices).

If she wants to shoot things that move, the 7iii would be by far the best choice: the Rii has relatively weak and frustrating continuous AF and a poor frame rate.

Also, if she wanted to do candid street or travel photography the 7ii doesn’t have silent shutter and the Rii can’t do silent drive mode.

Personally I found the optical performance of the 28-70 to be well below the standard of the Rii especially at the long end: maybe I got a bad copy, and I haven’t tried the Tamron, but maybe give it a try before committing if you were going that way.

There are lots of Rii bodies available in immaculate condition s/h, of course, and if she majored on studio or landscape shooting it now offers really fantastic value. I wouldn’t trust it outside in the rain, though...

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