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Morning all,

Am I right in saying that if I had the 1tb creative cloud storage plan, that I can set it so any of my RAW files that I import into Lr Classic, plus any edits (I.e) the catalog files, can automatically be backed up to the cloud as a backup copy?

No, the files sent to the cloud by Lightroom Classic are not backups. They cannot be used as backups. There are lower resolution images of your original photos.

Which would then also mean I can access the processed versions via the iPad iPad if I wanted to eaither do more remotely or show people my images without haveing to export them all as jpegs?

You don't seem to have the same understanding and definition of "backups" that most people have, and this could get you into trouble if your understanding is incorrect. Backups are exact identical copies of your original images (or of your catalog file), and the lower resolution images that Lightroom Classic saves in the cloud are not in any way exact identical copies. Furthermore, you do NOT ever use your backups for any purpose, they are supposed to sit there untouched and unused; except in case of a problem/disaster which destroys your originals. If you have not created such backups of your photos AND your catalog file, you should do so immediately, and then do NOT plan to use them for any purpose, except for use in case of a problem or disaster.

However, your photos shared in the cloud by Lightroom Classic can indeed be used by any mobile device, you can show them to your friends and family and enemies on your mobile device.

Thank you Paige for confirming the use of the creative cloud, that makes sense & seems like a good way I can use it to show people remotely as you say.

As for backing up, I do fully understand what a true back up is and have been backing things up for many years. In terms of this situation with Lr & photography, aside from my question above for using creative cloud as a backup, this would have been an extra back up As I already have a system where my Catalog, Raw files & any exported files are fully backed up (with FULL IDENTICAL COPIES) to 3 external drives & another online server for true backup redundancy purposes.

The above question was purely to understand how adobes online storage space works, but yeah in terms of true backup & redudency, I’m covered

On a side not though, am I right in saying that most people don’t export everything to jpg or whatever & only export images that they wish to publish or print etc.. but for most of the time it’s just all about keeping the raw files catalog in Lr?

It's good that you already have backups. I see too many people in these forums who don't understand the concept and never create backups, or they think that JPGs are backups, or are too busy to do make backups and so their last backup is months ago.

I can't speak for everyone, but there are a lot of people (including me) who export to JPG only when needed for some non-Lightroom purpose, and do not export every single edited photo to JPG.

Thank you & no I do appreciate that, but no I’m all sorted with that side of thing aha, partly thanks to you help at the beginning too

As for not exporting everything, I thought that was the case, so I’ll stick with it


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