G9 remote heat.

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Adrian Harris wrote:

jonno35 wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

The AFC to activate on 'half press' of the shutter, instead of always on.

I have it set to Mode 1 in video mode, is that what you mean? I cant find a setting for AFC half press activation in any other setting, maybe I'm missing something but I've searched the manual.

I haven't got the camera in front of me at the moment, but many m43 cameras give these options:

Continuous AFC + tracking ON. ... Or only from Half Press of shutter.

Also stabilisation continuous ON, ... Or only from Half Press shutter.

Both of which when continuously ON will eat battery power and heat the camera.

Also a high EVF refresh rate will work the battery hard.

It seems that AFC only comes in when I hold the SB down halfway but OIS is running non stop unless I switch it off at the lens, I cant see any option to change this in the manual but maybe I'm missing something.  I know there are 2 video settings but not for stills, I'm pretty sure this is what is heating the camera up.Maybe something to do with dual I S because my FZ1000 doesnt heat up.When I say heat up I dont mean hot just noticeably warm.

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