How to avoid banding on A7RIV when taking lightning pictures?

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Re: How to avoid banding on A7RIV when taking lightning pictures?

82300sd wrote:

I've been trying to figure out what's up with some of my lightning pictures that I took with my A7RIV and the Zeiss 55mm f1.8. This also happened with the 24mm GM that night as well, so I don't think it's lens specific

This is the first time taking lightning pics with this camera, and these bands appear when the camera is in the landscape or portrait position. Settings: ISO 100, 55mm, f1.8, 30 sec. Silent Shooting is off, E Front Curtain Shutter is on. At first I thought it had something to do with PDAF banding, but the pattern doesn't match up.

Then I thought it has something to do with rolling shutter, but I'm not taking video. I read about EFCS needed to be off when shooting with faster shutter speeds but this is a 30 second exposure. This only happens in the middle of the image where the lightning is, no where else in the picture. Is this a type of flaring from the lens? It kind of looks like anamorphic flare that one would get from an anamorphic lens?

Any advice on how to get rid of it in Photoshop? I tried a surface blur on a masked layer in photoshop that does a good job, but the banding is still there except the gradient is softer. Any help about how to avoid this in the first place, or how to correct it in post is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

A heavy crop to the middle of the picture where the lightning is

i have used the same combo...

2pics merged together, dont know if you see the same issue. no big help but an additional reference.

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