used X-E2 (+ lens for future) vs new X-E3 - Long term

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used X-E2 (+ lens for future) vs new X-E3 - Long term

I am looking for a Fuji RF style camera. For almost a decade, I had a canon EOS1000d+50mm f1.8+ kit 18-55/f3.5-5.6 lens. From this you can already know that I am an amateur photographer and have no ideas to go pro. Taking pictures is just my hobby.

I like the X-E line of Fuji camera and they are the only modern budget APS-C cameras with a decent amount of dials to control exposure. Also X-E series feels very comfortable with the EVF on the side with room for my nose and I feel I am not hiding behind the camera. It connects me with what I am shooting. I came to know this from few days of shooting with a friend's X-E2.

I am kind of looking for 2 options:

  • either a used X-E2 for 175EUR (1yr used shop warranty but a nice camera to hold a shoot and i liked it) or
  • a new X-E3 for a deal 500EUR (gives me peace of mind for next 5 years, but a bit small to hold and EVF is small too). But has better sensor, touchscreen etc.

Now for a simple shooter who takes the camera just to shoot personally, would you recommend to go with used X-E2 (and spend extra on lens 23mm f2) or a new X-E3, given I will keep my cameras for a long term. By the way, my wife has an X-T3 with an XF 18-55 f2.8-4 lens and XF 35mm f2 lens, one of which I can borrow, if needed or we can share if we both shoot during our travels. Also if I choose the used X-E2 option, not only I get a camera, but also both me and my wife can get an extra lens to use

I sort of came to know what I don't want and why I don't want some of them:

used X-T

X-T series have EVF in the middle and my nose is too much in the way to comfortably shoot with them. I know this from using my wife's X-T3 sometimes (alongside my EOS1000d).

used X-Pro

I want atleast a used X-Pro2 (as they have 2nd gen X-Trans) and they are outside my budget of 500EUR. Also I am averse in spending 500EUR on a used camera, as I know for sure I keep my cameras for a long time and won't put them in too much challenging situations. X-Pro seems to be an overkill for me. Btw, XPro1 seems a bit outdated and lacks some comfort features (No Hybrid AF, no wifi, only +/-2stops some of them keeping me off)

Thanks in advance.

Fujifilm X-E2 Fujifilm X-Pro1 Fujifilm X-Pro2 Fujifilm X-T3
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