State of camera industry

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State of camera industry

extracts from self talk:

Thanks to mobile phones, camera manufacturers have to innovate and put more features in new cameras in order to survive.

We are getting close to getting mythical "perfect camera" I think. Below are the candidates.

1. A Panasonic g90 with Sony/Canon AF technology - micro four thirds.

2. A Sony a6100 with Panasonic IBIS and touch menu and other features - APS-C.

3. A Panasonic S5 with Sony/Canon AF technology - Full Frame hybrid.

4. A Canon R6, Sony A7s3 - Full frame stills, video respectively.

Three of above camera doesn't exists yet. But we are very close to see them as we have the technology available now. This is very exciting times for camera enthusiasts.

Canon is like Apple of camera business and they have the technology and resources to create any type of camera they want but they also have to sell their DSLR cameras/lenses and this was the bottleneck for them to innovate in mirrorless segment. Until now.

Canon can dominate mirrorless (ILC)market as well if they play their cards right. But Sony and Panasonic are knocking on it's doors. Competition is good.

For Canon, the next generation of cameras might face a hard time to differentiate and innovate. Considering if they are based on Canon R6. What else can be improved? BTW, the overheating issue is a "feature" Canon puts in R5/R6 to sell more of it's cinema line.

Panasonic have their AF to improve and Sony to improve IBIS and touch menu. I mean Sony to put it in their new cameras, they already improved it.

I love all three brands (Pana/Sony/Canon) and cheering for each of them. Nikon is also doing interesting things with their mirrorless too. Sweet.

We already have perfect cameras available in professional segment, now the challenge is to bring it in entry level market. All above manufacturers are in a position to do it and R6, S5 are already good examples. This is similar strategy what we have seen in mobile phone market. iphone SE and Google Pixel 4A are the prefect examples.

The market to compete is a sub 600 dollars camera market. Success of Sony a6000 is an example and I think in 2-3 years time, we will see it evolved even more. These camera will have features we see only in professional grade cameras of today.

But again, the bar will go up and we will wish for even more new  features, I wonder what would they be?

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