GR III - overheating - caught on video

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Re: GR III - overheating - caught on video

telemach wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

In the test, you could set the camera to shoot every 50s for those 40 or 90 minutes to match your real-world scenario, perhaps? Whatever frequency matches your average shot rate.

It was never my goal to simulate real world scenario. This video is a proof that camera is overheating and to get this filmed in short span of time I set these certain parameters for test setup to get camera overheat soon. Like I mentioned, this video is to show you that problem exist and there is a strict correlation between temperature and time.

Yes that's a mystery. Maybe it works better with a longer interval or over a shorter time span?

or maybe it doesn't work any better

you keep you camera on for 40-90 minutes, you are not holding it up to your eye-level during that time (?).

I don't

as good as keeping it always-on on for 40-90 minutes - unless you have a special shooting style that you have not yet shared with us.

I shoot fast and accidentally happening situations so I work with fast shutter speeds and won't tolerate any delay. I have enough batteries to not worry about power but I want camera to be reliable and not to change my habits because new model has major faults.

I see, so this was the idea?

on the other hand, there were several real-world usage complaints about overheating.

I wonder if the level varies from camera to camera.

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