Upgraded Z cameras like D8x0 series?

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Upgraded Z cameras like D8x0 series?

I am reading the supposed to be specs of the upcoming Z6/7s cameras and, so far, sensor the same, VF the same, dual processor, dual card slot, better AF, battery grip enabled etc etc but, substantially, for still photographers, is it a big upgrade?

I got a D800 back in time and skipped the D810 to get a D850 and, wow, was that an upgrade but D800 was a milestone for high res sensors, I don't remember if the D810 used the same sensor but I think same res but different sensor but, whatever, the whole thing was a much better camera in may aspects but, again, as a still photographer once I have the same res, same DR and a good enough AF (which wasn't the D800 case but, for me and my type of shooting good enough) not really a need to upgrade.

I wish these new Z will feature something more than just adding a card slot and an enhanced AF, they seem they hit very well with the first ML attempt, I feel like they need to fill a gap with the Sony A9II and with the supposed to come Canon 1D equivalent which is rumoured for next year so I expect a higher MP count Z9 (ok, 8 is a weird number, whatever...) but the Z6 and Z7, do they make sense with the rumoured specs?

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