Hard time figuring out a system to get into..

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Re: Hard time figuring out a system to get into..

Harbinger_Gr wrote:

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

In my humble opinion, I think you are making a mistake in going with mirrorless. I have the A7RIV and I would not pick it for another wedding ever again. I would go with my Nikon D850 or with a Canon 5DV. Those are my top go to cameras for weddings... I know, people say these DSLRs are dinosaurs from the past, but they get the job done better than mirrorless...

What is/was wrong with the A7RIV for weddings? (besides the ginormous files)

So you have been shooting weddings with a Nikon D5?? And you want to move to something like a Fuji X-T4?!?

Which Nikon exactly have you been shooting with?

The A7RIV is just not fast enough. And I can assure you, it is much faster than the X-T4 and way more accurate. But not as fast as Nikon D850, and definitely not as fast as a D6. I shot two events with the A7RIV, a wedding and a 50th birthday. My clients were happy with the results, but I sure wasn't knowing what I could have gotten  with my D850...

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